Thursday Dec 11: Role Playing

avatarsToday is a day we really need our Cheerleaders to help us get some of our tired gamers to rally and make one last hurrah to finish off the game! Only two more days until we pick some winners. Great job Robin, finding all of the Scavenger items from yesterday! Now, on to today’s Challenge…

Role playing games are popular. I suppose even the game of Clue, where you become Miss Scarlett, or Professor Mustard is a role playing game of sorts! Players in role playing games must assume the role of a character and progress through the game using the character’s knowledge, capabilities, strengths and weaknesses.

Today we’ll be examining role playing in our daily challenge. Click on Challenges to learn more.

BUT WAIT, THERE’S MORE! Feel like kicking it up a notch? Today your Power Up challenge involves a partner and role playing. Head to the  “Power Up” Challenges for more information.

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