Monday Dec 8 Challenge: Spread the Word

Write a recommendation or referral for the Faculty Learning Corner. Refer the Faculty Learning Corner (the blog, not the game) to a colleague. Write your recommendation either as a testimonial, or review, or promotional endorsement.

10 Bonus Points: Regardless of whether you are referring by email, by phone or in person, type into the submission area the name(s) of the faculty you are referring.
10 Bonus Points: For getting 3 colleagues to subscribe.
10 Bonus Points: By telling us what you like about the FLC.
10 Bonus Points: For looking at the Tips for Student Success (TSS) blog, which is similar to the Faculty Learning Corner but filled with good tips and articles for students. Link to the TSS from somewhere inside of your Blackboard course. Tell us where you posted the link (inside your Start Here? Helpful Resources? Someplace else?)

OR try the Power Up Challenge!  Click the image below to view Monday’s 50 point challenge.

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8 Responses to Monday Dec 8 Challenge: Spread the Word

  1. Val Barber says:

    I just put the link for the Tips for Student success in my spring 2015 class in the getting started link. What a great site for students.

  2. Charla Brown says:

    The Faculty Learning Corner is an amazing place to connect with like-minded individuals across the University of Alaska system who are passionate about employing technology to facilitate creative learning environments. Not only can you find web-based resources for instructor consideration and student success, there are also training opportunities, webinars, videos, and a daily blog filled with timely and relevant concepts that keep us from getting left behind in the rapidly changing world of apps, resources, and functionality. For example, recent discussions have focused on gamification, Google Forms, and fun faculty challenges all of which serve to stimulate ideas, test the waters, and build relationships. If you haven’t checked it out, you’re missing out. You can visit the site here:

    Charla Brown, PhD
    Chair, Business Administration
    Assistant Professor of Management
    University of Alaska Southeast

  3. Charla Brown says:

    * Mike Boyer
    * LJ Medencia
    * Eve Dillingham
    * Colleen McKenna
    * Vickie Williams
    * Jill Dumesnil
    * Megan Buzby
    * Heather Batchelder

  4. Charla Brown says:

    I created an item in BA490 for Spring 2015 in the Start Here folder to share.

  5. Robin Gilcrist says:

    I highly recommend all faculty visit the Faculty Learning Corner, link here: Whether teaching an on-line course or face-to-face there is something for everyone. There is so much information available on the website, yet it is never overwhelming. Features are presented daily and are brief and concise. There is a lot of fun stuff to explore as well as serious articles and recommedations.
    Robin Gilcrist
    Assistant Professor Construction Technology
    University of Alaska Southeast

  6. Robin Gilcrist says:

    I have put a link in CT201 Cold Climate Construction to the Tips for Student Success blog. Thanks for providing the link.

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