Friday Dec 5 Challenge: Fried Friday

Review the past Fried Friday posts found on the Faculty Learning Corner  (FLC) and share which post was your favorite and tell us why. You can search for Fried Friday or use the tag “fried friday” to quickly locate those posts.

10 Bonus Points: We know that everyone has a favorite fun video or article that lightly relates to education. Share your favorite educational humorous or light-hearted video or article. We may use it in the future!
10 Bonus Points: Share a video or humorous article that relates to the gamification of education.

8 Responses to Friday Dec 5 Challenge: Fried Friday

  1. Charla Brown says:

    Hahaha! I laugh out loud just thinking about this video. I use it in my change management class to illustrate to students that change is a perpetual and constant process, that it can be fun to examine in a humorous light, and that it serves an educational purpose to study the topic. Let me know what y’all think!

  2. Charla Brown says:

    Gabe Zichermann takes on the topic of making education fun through gamification and using humor to bring attention to this topic with suggested ways of application:

    1) Fun is the Future: Mastering Gamification (59:21 minutes)

    2) How Games Make Kids Smarter (16:41 minutes)

    3) About Gabe Zichermann (Bio Page)

  3. Lee Henrikson says:

    Old, but still some good poems like this one:

    A file that big?
    It might be very useful.
    But now it is gone.

    Computer Haiki

  4. Charla Brown says:

    Dang it! Sorry for so many posts today. I just realized that I did not read the directions correctly and my first post did not address the comment requirements. My favorite past Fried Friday post was “Happy Thanksgiving Everyone” on 11/26. Why? Because I LOVE LOVE LOVE Jimmy Fallon. He is hysterical. I also love clever Top 10 lists. Ode to David Letterman, maybe? In any event, this was a pithy post that hit the mark.

    P.S. This is my all-time favorite Jimmy Fallon clip ever which involves lip syncying with Emma Stone… it has 37M views and some small percent of those is from me:

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