Tuesday Dec 9 Challenge: Tech Tuesdays

Search the Faculty Learning Corner (FLC) blog for Tech Tuesday (using the search tool or tags). Which post did you find the most helpful or most interesting? How do you use the tool mentioned in the post? Do you have another tool or technology tip that you can share? If so, tell us about it and describe how you use it or why it saves you time or improves your teaching or your student’s learning.

10 Bonus Points: Read another player’s post and comment.

9 Responses to Tuesday Dec 9 Challenge: Tech Tuesdays

  1. Robin Gilcrist says:

    I was just on the FLC website and found a link to powerpoint information which I found very useful. The link “Become a PowerPoint Rockstar” is very informative with a ton of links to tutorials; discussions and examples for mastering PowerPoint for the e-learning environment. Link here: http://www.articulate.com/rapid-elearning/become-a-powerpoint-2010-rock-star/
    I use PowerPoint in my face-to-face courses and have uploaded the same PPT to my online course, which I feel really guilty about because Im sure I can do better presentations for the elearners. I think the tips mentioned above will help me create better presentations for both sets of students.

  2. Charla Brown says:

    Thanks for sharing your Tech Tuesday find! I checked out that website you shared and wow… that is full of a lot of information (almost too much!). I was able to dig down several layers and watched a video on how to create an animated puzzle slide.

    This sounds fun and here it is:

  3. Charla Brown says:

    I find that I am a fair-weather fan of the Faculty Learning Center. I wish I could be dedicated enough to give every post my full attention but I tend to be choosy and only read the ones that pique my interest.

    As luck would have it, I find today’s post (12/9 Locating “Free” Images) incredibly interesting!! I will definitely be saving this one for future reference as I use a TON of images in my online classes and in any powerpoint I build (in fact, I use them almost exclusively).

    I really like to look for unusual connections and images that evoke emotion and thought (for example, using this image to depict LOYAL when referring to organizational commitment in the context of organizational behavior): http://2.bp.blogspot.com/_opptvFBa4ck/SLgjKmoREsI/AAAAAAAAEpk/qooXWNaRFtA/s1600-h/Animals-%26-Loyalty-7.JPG

    Also, images are an essential element when using the Pecha Kucha presentation method which I have been a HUGE FAN of since 2010. I do recall there being a recent post on Tech Tuesday about that topic, too (but I couldn’t find it using the search feature).

    Here is my favorite related tool that I use to teach students how I would like them to prepare their assignments using the Pecha Kutcha method. In terms of their learning experience, they are forced to script their content in advance and must then articulate only the most concise and compelling narrative to support their case. I tell them to pretend that a CEO is their audience and that really changes the game for them. In the end, I think it dramatically improves their presentation skills as I will see students take additional classes from me and employ elements of this approach, even when not required. It makes for a much more engaging grading experience, too. 🙂

  4. Val Barber says:

    Well I bopped around and checked out most of the Tech Tuesday Posts. Just got done playing the simple learning games. I will definitely use some of those. Also will use the RSS feedbacks and some of the other cool things. Always looking for some new and fun way to engage students.

  5. Robin Gilcrist says:

    I have done a Pecha Kucha for a class I was taking and found it to be a really exciting and much less intimidating form of presentation than a typical longer presentation. I agree that it requires the pairing down of information into its essential elements. I have not required students in any of my courses to create a Pecha Kucha but I am strongly leaning towards requiring it for at least one course.
    Thanks for reminding me of this cool learning tool.

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