Wednesday Dec 10 Challenge: Scavenger Hunt

Some faculty use a scavenger hunt to have students find things in the course syllabus. Others use scavenger hunts to have students click around the Blackboard course site. We’re using the Faculty Learning Corner blog and asking you to locate and comment on the following items:

  1. Locate and describe a Blackboard tutorial and explain how you found it helpful. Be sure to include the name of the tutorial or the link URL in your post.
  2. Locate a recent professional development opportunity sponsored by Title III. How might it have improved your teaching or course development?
  3. After looking over the FLC blog, what section do you find the most helpful, interesting or useful and why?
  4. On the “Additional Resources” page, what link did you find to be the most helpful, interesting or useful and why?
  5. UAF eLearning has a lot of resources and we’ve linked to their resources from our blog. Find that link and find a resource from UAF’s faculty resource pages that you think might be of interest to others. Supply the link and a brief description of why you found it of interest.
  6. The Tips for Student Success blog is linked from the FLC. Find the blog and share a post that you think your students would find of interest or you think is particularly helpful to your students. Be sure to include the URL for the link in your post.

10 Bonus Points: Comment on another player’s post.

4 Responses to Wednesday Dec 10 Challenge: Scavenger Hunt

  1. Robin Gilcrist says:

    Scavenger Hunt:
    1. I found this Blackboard tutorial video for students:
    2. Professional development opportunity sponsored by Title III: Quality Matters’ Applying the Quality Matters Rubric course. I recently completed this course and was highly impressed with the course structure and content. l look forward to applying many of the principles that I learned in the course to my own online courses.
    3. The section of the blog I find most useful is the Tools section. I am always thinking about adopting new technology but want to get an idea of how and why it might be helpful for improving learning outcomes. This section has many interesting tips, techniques and tutorials.
    4. I found the Blackboard help blog by Maureen the most useful link in the additional resources page.
    5. It looks like the “Teaching Tips Live” would be very interesting to review. I have not had much experience with google hangout and the live teaching are presented using
    6. I was interested in checking out the “How to Write a Basic Essay” link in the Student Success blog but found the link loops back to the front page.

  2. Val Barber says:

    1.I looked at the adding video inside of BB.
    I was wondering how to do this and now I think I know.
    2. ED593-TD1 Designing and Teaching an Online Course is the professional development course that I have participated in a couple of times. I was taking it last year but got overwhelmed by all the other things I was trying to do. I learned a lot in it and use some of what I learned. I would take it again to learn new tools and techniques.
    3. Blog-mmmm. Learning spaces. I need to start a blog.
    4. Voicethread. I want to use it in my course.
    5. I like the Choosing the Best Technology site at the UAF eLearning site.
    6. I like the Effective Studying with Apps, Tools and Techniques on the student blog.
    I think this will be very useful for students.

  3. Charla Brown says:

    Thank you for sharing the Effective Studying with Apps, Tools and Techniques suggestion. I will have to check that piece out for sure.

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