instructionsHello and welcome to the 10 Day Faculty Challenge brought to you by the UAS Sitka Title III team! For the next two weeks we’re going to be exploring the gamification of education and applying some of the principles of games as you participate.

Please familiarize yourself with the site. You won’t be able to participate or earn points if you aren’t logged in. If you haven’t registered yet, email Nicole and she’ll add you to the site.

How The Site it Set Up

  • Daily Posts – Posts will be made daily introducing the day’s Challenge and can be found under ‘Home.’ Read the posts first.
  • Challenges – These will be revealed each day of the 10 day challenge at 8 AM. Each Challenge has points associated with it. Earn bonus points by completing extra steps!
  • Challenge Posts – Where you will play the game. The instructions will be revealed each day along with the Challenges.
  • Challenge Badges – Earn badges by accomplishing the criteria stated. Points are awarded for badges too!
  • Challenge Badges Earned – A list of badges and those that earned them.
  • Help – Contact us with any questions or technical difficulties.

Some points will be awarded automatically and show up on the Leaderboard within minutes. Others require administrator approval. These administrator points or bonus points will be added by noon on the day following the challenge. In other words, Monday’s Challenge opens at 8 AM and all points for Monday’s challenge will appear on the Leaderboard by Tuesday noon. (Please bear with us – we are using a plugin for the Challenge points and Leaderboard and there may be some hiccups.)

When you complete a Challenge or earn a Challenge Badge the icon will change color. Click on the badge icons to see points earned and others that have completed the Challenges or received badges.

Important Scoring Information and Overview of Awarded Points

For this game there are general daily points that remain constant from day to day. There are also challenge-specific points for each challenge. The challenge-specific points are listed with each daily challenge.

The general daily points that do not change are listed here:

  • 10 Points for submitting a complete response to any daily challenge.
  • 10 Bonus Points for being the first player to submit a completed response to the daily challenge. These points are awarded by our administrator and will not show up immediately.
  • 10 Bonus Points for submitting within 24 hours, before the next daily challenge. For example, submitting Monday’s challenge before Tuesday’s challenge appears at 8 AM. These points are awarded by our administrator and will not show up immediately.
  • 5 Bonus Points for submitting within 48 hours. For example, submitting Monday’s challenge before Wednesday’s challenge appears at 8 AM. These points are awarded by our administrator and will not show up immediately.
  • 0 Bonus Points are earned for submissions later than 48 hours from opening of the post. If you submit after 48 hours, you will receive 10 points for your submission. If you comment late, you will earn points for commenting, however no bonus points will be awarded. We recommend that you jump aboard the latest challenge rather than playing catch-up.
  • 10 Bonus Points for commenting or replying to another player.

Personalize Your Profile

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