Wednesday Dec 10: Scavenger Hunt

scavengerHuntGood morning! We’ve updated the Leaderboard  and we’ve awarded some new badges, so be sure to check the Challenge Badges Earned page to see if you have earned a new badge!

I know this is a tough time of year to stay focused on the game, but there are only 3 days left. Thanks for staying with us!

There are many ways that we use scavenger hunts, treasure hunts, and find the hidden word or image to make learning feel like a game. Finding clues, hunting for objects, avoiding obstacles as you hunt, these are all gaming elements that create a fun experience for students.

Today’s challenge will explore the Scavenger Hunt. Click on Challenges to learn more.

BUT WAIT, THERE’S MORE!!  This week you can buddy up for our Power Up Challenge. Head to the  “Power Up” Challenges for more information.

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