Monday Dec 8: Spread the Word

Megaphone gold personWelcome back to the second week of the 10 Day Faculty Challenge! We’re starting out with an easy challenge today: spreading the word. And boy, does it every spread fast sometimes. Social media has really increased our ability to reach out to others. Using sites like LinkedIn, Facebook, blogging tools like Twitter and WordPress, and many other web texting and photo-sharing sites, it has become easier and easier for games and ideas, and videos to “go viral” (who even knew that term 5 years ago?).

Today we are enlisting you to help us increase our Faculty Learning Corner (the blog, not the game) subscribers.

Head to Challenges to learn more about today’s challenge.

BUT WAIT, THERE’S MORE!! It’s also time to kick it up a notch! Each day of this second week of Challenges you’ll have the chance to play it safe, choose the regular challenge or you can kick it up a notch with our Daily Double, well our new 50 point, brand new, “Power Up” Challenges.

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