Wednesday Power Up

Today’s challenge is a scavenger hunt. If you want to Power UP, you’ll have to Buddy UP!! Choose a partner from the list and email or call them and together, play the scavenger hunt. You must EACH submit a post, but you only need to list the parts of the scavenger hunt that you were responsible for.

Here is your list of scavenger items:

  • Partner A locate a Bb tutorial on the FLC and share how you use that feature in Blackboard. Partner B must submit a request for a Bb tutorial that they think would be helpful (not seen on the FLC) currently.
  • Partner A must look at the Peer Review Standards linked to the FLC and find and list 5 standards and reflect on why they think are very important. Partner B must rank the 5 standards listed by the partner A from most important to least, explaining his/her ranking.
  • Partner A choose three tutorials from Tips for Student Success and discuss why they are important. Partner B tell how they might include these 3 tutorials in their Blackboard course.

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