Tuesday Power Up

For today’s challenge, you must download the APP “Undecided” to your smart phone or tablet and look at the Faculty Learning Corner’s (FLC) Tech Tuesday posts (you can search for Tech Tuesday on the FLC). Using the SPINNER, spin one (1) time. If you spin a:

  • 1 or 4 or 8: Look at the FLC Tech Tuesday posts and reflect on your favorite post. List at least two ways the tech tip, tool or technology could be applied to your classroom.
  • 2 or 5 or 10: Look at FLC Tech Tuesday posts and actually try it out. Discuss how you used it. What problems did you encounter? How will you use it?
  • 3 or 7 or 9: Read a few of the FLC Tech Tuesday posts. Create your own Tech Tuesday post sharing some tool or tech tip that you find particularly useful. Create a tutorial or help sheet if the tool requires it or link to support.
  • 10: Describe the APP Undecided as a Tech Tuesday post. How might it be used in the classroom?

Bonus Points: Earn 1o bonus points if you take a screen shot of your spin and include it with your post so we can that you used the spinner app!

1 Response to Tuesday Power Up

  1. Charla Brown says:

    What fun!!!! I will be incorporating the “Spinner” into my class FOR SURE somehow. I technically landed on “1” but I feel like I did that already and it was teetering on “10” so I will answer that question instead which suggests describing the APP Undecided as a Tech Tuesday post.

    Check out the free app “Undecided” for six clever tools that put the answers to all of life’s major questions into your pocket on your handy dandy smartphone device.

    Need to have student teams decide who will get to go first but don’t have a coin? Use the COIN TOSS to figure that one out. Have multiple questions for them to pick from in an online discussion? Let them use SPINNER to decide which one to answer. Realize that the human vs. zombie war is staged right outside of your building? Use the DRAW STRAWS feature so that the unlucky person to draw the “short straw” has to take the hit at the end of the night for the class. Need to have someone pick between 1 and 10 but are having trouble deciding on which one you should use as the winner? Use the RANDOM NUMBER GENERATOR to help you out. Alternatively, Excel would be better suited for situations involving large numbers of random numbers (e.g. taking a massive database and creating a unique dataset per student which will alter the answers for each calculation and these ensures everyone is doing their own work). In a pinch, you could also always defer to Dilbert when needing random numbers:
    http://www.random.org/analysis/dilbert.jpg Lastly, the final tool is best left to the professionals… as a ROCK PAPER SCISSORS connoisseur, I cannot really advocate for using this tool in this automated fashion. Here is a related image (not sure how to do this better in a blog format): http://www.sanitaryum.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/08/rock-paper-scissor-blog.jpg

    DICE ROLL – Roll Count, Last Roll Result, Roll Total (actions: rolls)
    SPINNER – Colorful wheel numbered 1-10 (action: spins)
    COIN TOSS – Heads Total, Tails Total (action: flips)
    DRAW STRAWS – Number of Straws 2-20 (action: swipe to “draw”) notifies of Short Straw!
    ROCK PAPER SCISSORS – Choose Man vs. Computer OR man vs. man; Player 1 selects option and Player 2 selects option (requires eye shutting); then animated hands go through the motions and winner is announced. Number of wins are tracked.
    RANDOM NUMBER GENERATOR – Set maximum number (limits not identified), hit button to generate random number. Coolness!

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