5 Bonus Points

5 Bonus Points

0 5 Bonus Points

Create and share an idea for a simple learning game or activity that you might use in your classroom. You don’t have to create something elaborate– we’re just looking for an idea or concept. Share the broad overview or big picture idea for a game.

  • Earn 10 points for commenting on another player’s idea.
  • Earn 10 bonus points for outlining the strategy in detail, including any objects that you’d need to create, or some thoughts on what tools you would need to create your game (if any).
  • Earn the Already a Player badge if you share a game that you currently play in your course and describe how you set it up and how successful it is.

AND try the Power Up Challenge!  Today, you should all boost your score (even Cheerleaders) by 50 points!! This Power Up is to reflect and comment on the game itself. We’d love to get some feedback. Thank you!
click for power up challenge

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