Congratulations to All our Players and Our Winners!

Thank you for playing the 10 Day Faculty Challenge!

We have read your submissions, your comments and your reflection on the game and we appreciate that you stuck with this even though the game hit during a particularly busy time.

Congratulations to Charla Brown our overall winner and the other 4 Hotshots, Robin Gilcrist, Val Barber, Lee Henrikson and Margie Mete. You will be contacted by Mary to receive your game prize!

Winners of Game

Here are a few back-end replies or thoughts we have about the game:

  • It was interesting working with the plug-in BadgeOS. In theory it should have made life easier– automatic points for posts and comments and administrator points for content (bonus points.) Unfortunately, something went haywire and we had to do all of the points by hand. Thanks for bearing with that. We think instant feedback on the leaderboard is important in a game, so that was a bit disappointing. However, it did force us to create a pretty nice Google spreadsheet for collecting our points that I think we’ll be able to use and share with anyone interested.
  • There was a question/comment about scoring for the content of the posts, not just the act of posting. Indeed, the bonus points tried to capture the content and the badges also tried to add the nuance that some comments are more cheering (which is important and helpful) while others are show more wisdom or help. Seeing that some of you commented with such helpful ideas and tips, next time (if there is a next time) we’d add a “Buddy” Badge or something to show that some comments were made to help each other grapple with an idea or solve a ‘how to integrate this idea’ in the classroom situation.
  • In real estate, location, location, location is what they say. In academia, it’s timing, timing, timing. Not sure if there is ever a good time for something like this, but we heard you loud and clear, this was definitely a bad time! Our bad, but thanks for sticking with it and us anyway.
  • We want to re-evaluate our Power Up Challenges. Perhaps our idea to kick it up a notch went a little higher than a “notch.”
  • We’re going to link the game site to the Faculty Learning Corner because we think some of the resources that you found and posted are fantastic and others may stumble across them when they have more time to click around the game site.

Whether you lurked, played for a day, a week or stuck it out to the end, we thank you again.

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