Wednesday Dec 3: Game Over—NOT!!

Game over, tv game. Skull and Crossbones

Even if you are joining the game late, we welcome you and want you to know there’s lots of points to be earned. This game isn’t over that quickly! Remember, even if you don’t have ideas for your own submission, just reading another player’s submission and commenting, gets you points. So never fear. There are badges and points a plenty out there! On to today’s challenge….

Those dreaded words “Game Over” or watching your time expire, or seeing your last “lifeline” used up. We’ve all been there. We lost the game. Chances are that most of you didn’t quit or even feel bad at that point but rather, jumped right back into the game to try again! Games seem to have a way of compelling us, perhaps even addicting us to return to the play again and again until we win.

Today’s challenge will explore failure in gaming and education.
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